More than 65% of website traffic starts with a search engine query. People learn and keep typing keywords which pop ups the ppc ads. Pay per click puts your brand at the top of search engine results page for queries relevant to the brand and audience. 


What is PPC and How does it work?

PPC famously known as pay per click or cost per click is a search engine marketing method. A marketer is charged once the site is visited and this is measured by number of clicks. PPC Ads ranges from search ads, display ads to remarketing ads. These ads are both shown on specific Ad Network of choice and Network partners.


PPC services

Some of the PPC services offered includes;

PPC Strategy development

PPC Research

Campaign Set Up

PPC Optimization


Importance of PPC

Google and Bing are known to be the best search engines for PPC advertising. Two benefits of PPC Campaigns are cost effectiveness and right targeted audience. Also the budget is well distributed per the settings which ensure value for money. Google ads are shown to the top first page of the results, making a business to enjoy 60% chances of making a conversion.


Some Key things to note on PPC Best Practice

Always research on keywords to be used for your brand and identity. Make appealing Ad with extensions. A call to action on extension with a well linked landing page. Ensure to use keywords as words for the campaign. Standard distribution setting is good to monitor evenly ad distribution to the end user compared to accelerated option. 

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Once the campaign is set and running keep checking for improvement. Your budget should always work backwards to ensure best results. Any low keyword with no valuable results should be removed for best PPC Optimization.