Email marketing for SMEs is a lucrative engagement way of communicating with current and potential customers by sending messages via electronic mail provider. Email marketing in Kenya and the world at large has been marked with tremendous results as per providers yearly results(mailchimp). The good news to SMEs is that there are different types of email marketing services they can use, some are free while others are paid for. 

Benefits of Email Marketing

With the technology and innovation boom in Kenya, Email marketing business has been able to thrive and remain best conversion way of any business.  Some of the benefits of email marketing to the boost of small scale businesses includes; 

  • Good reach of the targeted audience 
  • It is easy to share with the audience
  • It is easy to start and measure the results of any email campaign
  • Drives revenue and easy to re engage the different lists of audience
  • Cost effective since some service providers are free 
  • Instant message delivery to the customized audience list


Email Marketing Tips for Small business

Create a well responsive website page with good display of sign up forms. This is easier for subscribers who convert easily . This can be well supported with pop ups on home page only or live chats like talk to among others. 

Create a well customized sign up form with less details requirements to avoid dropping site visitors off the hook. Ensure a call to action which is brief and welcoming.

Adhere to Anti spamming rules.- It is safe and in honest position to have your audience knowledge of how you got their email, how to unsubscribe in case they change their mind and giving correct details which are non-deceptive.

Build your business audience list- Each business has a customized audience of target which triggers sequence of campaigns with intended marketing goal. This is to avoid wrong target which results to spamming of others. 

Be Brief and Straight to the Point- Briefs sells to the targeted clients. Kenyans are in up and down with many activities hence need a straight message which communicates at a glance. For more and awesome email marketing campaigns insights, give an eye on this(hubspot

Create good content for your different lists. This maintains the flow of educative, convincing and informative content which are key pillars of content strategy. To take your email game to the next level, ensure the use of  templates of good graphics and content display . The rapport of your business is anchored on this jewel of email marketing tip, keep it so dearly.

Keep your schedule to create reliability with your customers- This creates an expectation from clients hence opens rates after mastery of the days when emails are sent. The use of interval email sending days should go hand in hand with useful information which is essential for the in market audience.

Email Marketing Automation

Email automation is another good move for the business if used well. This makes email sequence structure easier from welcoming email to the closing email. Although,  this is a good move to many high traffic businesses for good results. One can try Hubspot, Mailchimp, Aweber, IContact Pro, Wishpond, Active Campaign and InfusionSoft.

All the best as you try Email marketing journey. Give an eye at what we do and some services offered by Email experts in Kenya.(monicah mugo Digital)