Monicah Mugo Films


What started as a post-production film company, has now become a full service content generator visual studio offering the best in entertainment production, original content, commercials and brand digital marketing.

“Cultured with pride, loyalty and integrity to strengthen artistic independence in the game while having fun, our works have been published both locally and internationally scooping several awards, launched careers, positioned clients and studios in their niche setting them aside. ”

                                                                        ~Monicah Mugo


“We are the future. The future of entertainment fully depends on us to innovate and paint it vividly while capturing and conserving its beauty artistically at heart connecting extensively using our diverse stories.”

~Monicah Mugo



We create and post produce most inspiring visual content: feature films, Music Videos, Commercials adverts, television programs and documentaries that originate from the heart of people and their cultures. By so doing, it has allowed the company to grow in various niche markets and genres around the world.

Not only encouraging but also supporting other people to dare tell and share their stories with pride and honour.



In our short existence, we’ve have collaborated with major film studios with a need to design new visual formats and products for their clientele, audience and major clients who are not afraid to step out and embrace new story telling techniques. As a result, we’ve now stretched forth to producing original content from talented independent artists in East Africa and across the continent.

The best way to identify with an experience is to be part of the experience yourself. Experience the difference. Let’s collaborate.



We’ve built, mentored and nurtured a set of young, authentic, film enthusiasts both independent and established film studios whose focus and passion is to produce original content. Content that has launched careers and positioned studios setting them aside each with their own distinctive style. And now we are here to soar higher.